Today we have April Codd on the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast.  She is the creator of this amazing coaching business called Love Yourself Sexy.  How great is that??

She’s all about empowering women to love yourself just the way you are.  She is your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, and your mirror to reflect your beauty back to you.

April is a momma and a wife who is balancing her life with her entrepreneurship (can I get an Amen??) while bringing women wisdom, embodiment, and real life experiences to help them grasp beautiful and sexy in their own bodies.

She is passionate about helping woman love themselves exactly where they are at right now.

April and I met at a goddess retreat in Miami and there was some wild shit that went down that weekend!  Although what happens in Miami stays in Miami, we had an instant connection and she is one of the most gorgeous and sexy women I’ve ever met because of the way she owns her sexiness.

April shares with us how she was in a state of depression, anxiety, and self-hatred for much of her life.  From the time she was a kid, and way into adulthood, she had lots of people voicing their opinions about her weight.

Her constant attempts of trying to be what everybody else wanted her to be consumed every aspect of her life. She tried to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect employee, the perfect woman…. and then the pandemic happened.

Tune in to hear how losing her job during the pandemic shifted her entire perspective on how she wanted to embody herself and her life, and how it was when she really started choosing herself for the first time.


“I feel the sexiest thing a woman can do is just be confident in herself, and love herself the most.” ~April Codd


April shares with us the tools that she uses to keep her focus on self-love and self-acceptance, how these tools have made her a better parent, and how she now elevates other women and helps them embody their own revolutions to love themselves sexy.



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