I started the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast because I wanted to share women’s stories of hope and healing.  My desire was that it would reach other women out in the world so they would know that they are not alone in their experiences, and to give them hope.

Sometimes our life experiences can make us feel like we don’t deserve, or that we’ve been cut off from, all the juicy stuff in life – pleasure, desire, sex, intimacy, and more.

Well, I’m here to say, as is my guest today, that there is hope, healing, and goodness that is still available to you regardless of your story.

One of my clients, Ellyn, is on the podcast today.  I am so honored that she is going to share her story with all of us. It’s a story of betrayal and the journey into healing that helped her claim her big sexy comeback.

Ellyn starts her story with her D-Day.  She was on a weekend retreat with her ex where they were working on their marriage and their sex life.  Before this point, she had always thought the issues in her marriage were her fault… because that’s what her ex continually told her.

A disclosure during that retreat blew the lid off of their marriage, and as she put it – “the veil dropped”.  Things suddenly clicked into place and everything became clear for her.

She was finally able to put the pieces together of what the real problems in their partnership were.  The porn, the affairs, the emotional abuse, the gaslighting… she broke through all of it with intense clarity and the disclosure actually provided her a moment of relief – she was not crazy.


“I slept the deepest I’ve slept in years that night.  Which seems so counterintuitive when you find out that your husband is a porn addict.” ~ Ellyn


From this life-changing moment of realization, truth and clarity, Ellyn began her journey back to herself.  She says that the first thing she had to be willing to do was look at herself and go within to start her healing process.

“I spent so much time over there trying to fix him, and putting my life on hold, that I forgot there was a ‘me’.” ~ Ellyn


I invite you to listen to Ellyn’s story as she outlines her painful but rewarding path to healing. It’s a story you might recognize yourself in.

Maybe it will even inspire your own comeback story.



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