This week’s episode of Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast is all about introducing you to a labor of love that my team and I have been working on for almost a year now.

We have created a quiz!

I mean, who doesn’t love quizzes? It started with the ones we used to take in Cosmo, and now we get to take them online about anything and everything.

I love quizzes!

Mine is called “Do You Have Betrayal Trauma from a Romantic Relationship?”

I’m so excited because I have been wanting to give this resource to my community and clients for years. There are so many women out there who are struggling with or healing from, betrayal trauma, and, as you have heard me say so many times, we heal from betrayal trauma in stages:

Stage 1 is Safety & Security – these women are in the rawest, most painful time of their lives. They have discovered their partner’s sexual betrayal and are still reeling from it. They need boundaries and to learn how to care for their nervous system. They need a lot of sisterhood and a lot of support.

Stage 2 is Remembrance and Mourning – this stage is a time of reflection and going inward. This is where women take a deep look at their relationship patterns and remember what happened to them and what they didn’t get that they needed as little girls.

Stage 3 is Reconnection – with themselves and with other people. This is all about how to rebuild their life, and how to reclaim and rediscover themselves. This is where you might start to think about dipping your toe in the dating pool again but know you still have some work to do on yourself.

After Stage 3, women are ready to really lean into reconnecting with their sexuality, creating everyday intimacy in their relationships, and learning how to really LIVE again. After traveling along this entire pathway over many years, this is the stage where I am now.

You can get there too. But first you need to meet yourself where you are so you can get the resources and support that you need.

Well, guess what?? You can do that RIGHT NOW with the quiz! It will ask you a series of questions and sort you into one of four archetypes.

Tune in to the podcast episode to hear more about the four different archetypes in detail.

And go take the quiz! I would love to hear what you think about it. Were you surprised by the archetype you were sorted into? Hit reply and let me know!



Do You Have Betrayal Trauma From a Romantic Relationship?


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