Sweet listeners, you are in for one hell of a great story today on the Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢ Podcast.

I have the incredible, charismatic, energetic, inspirational, and drop-dead gorgeous, Bella, who is joining us to share her comeback story.

Coming out of a childhood rife with neglect and abuse, she thought she had found her Prince Charming when she met her then-husband. Bonding over their similar childhood traumas, and wooed by his charm and good looks, she thought a marriage with him was her ticket to breaking the abusive cycle of her past.

Sadly, it turned out to be just another version of the trauma she knew all too well.

Bella shares with us the 3 “big bombs” that broke apart the facade of her fairytale. From discovering porn videos, to finding a Craigslist sex solicitation ad, to a tragic act of violence, she weaves a story of the lies, delayed disclosures, half truths, and gaslighting that unraveled her relationship.

“There were so many red flags, I could have made a scarf with them.” ~ Bella

Join us as we talk about the societal and cultural pressures to “keep your man”, the painful tears in your own familial and social circles when you dare to break the code of conduct of staying and staying silent, and the strength and happiness you find when you finally set yourself free and claim the life you deserve.

Bella shares some incredible wisdom with us as she talks about the many gifts that have come on the other side of betrayal. One of the most precious to her has been blazing a trail for her children and showing them, through her own actions, what being brave and a healthy life really looks like.

Other gifts? She’s a much happier person. She laughs more. She’s been able to have the mental energy and focus to grow her career and build a business. She has an amazing sisterhood. She trusts herself.

And she found love again.

As it turns out – there is love after betrayal.
There are good men out there.
There are a lot of “green flags” too.

And you know what? Happiness looks great on her.

“I didn’t get to choose my trauma. I didn’t get to choose the circumstances around my birth. But I got to choose my healing.” ~ Bella



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