Sara Fernandez shows up in today’s episode, fully in her truth, and courageously sharing her powerful story with all of us.

I met Sara while we were both fundraising for Truth Be Told – a nonprofit organization that provides transformational trauma-response programs for women who are or have been incarcerated.

(Check out Episode 27 where I interview Angie Hejl, who is on the board of directors of Truth Be Told and has her own powerful story to tell.)

Sara is a mom, a career woman, an entrepreneur, and a social influencer. And sister, does she have a story to tell.

Like many of the women I work with, she experienced betrayal trauma from romantic relationships but realizes that her journey with trauma actually started much earlier in her precious life.

“We talk about people being spoon-fed… well, those who had received healthy love on a spoon, there were others who were licking it off of knives.

The bar gets set as children.
We will continue to accept what we only know.
We were not shown more.”

~Sara Fernandez

Her unresolved trauma carried her through a series of toxic and abusive relationships, which sadly extended to the abuse of her children. When her youngest daughter tragically passed under suspicious circumstances, she found herself not only utterly devastated and heartbroken but also sentenced to prison.

Even though her trauma and discoveries of abuse continued after her release, she carried on and found the strength to show up in a healthy and loving way for her children and for herself.

Sara has done the work.

She has been through therapy. She has been a strong and loving mama to her children. She has moved beyond toxic and abusive relationships. She has taken her life back and found purpose and presence.

Literally days away from what would have been her daughter’s 18th birthday, she graced us with her presence, with her truth, and with her beautiful and open heart.

Her transparency and her truth-telling will undoubtedly open your heart as well. Tune in beauties. You don’t want to miss this one.

“I don’t see myself as a survivor; I see myself as a warrior.”
~Sara Fernandez

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