Sara Chizek is a grief and sensuality coach.

After losing her father at the young age of four led her through many years of numbness, she finally learned how to turn her grief into her superpower. Now she helps other women move through their own grief in order to find joy and freedom on the other side.

Sara leads grief workshops and group and individual coaching programs to empower others to harness the energy of their grief and turn it into pleasure, passion, and power.

So you immediately know why I had to have her on the podcast to talk to us today, as grief is a huge part of what I work through with my own clients.

We talk about the constraints around grief that society puts on women and our general reluctance to explore the deeper places within ourselves where we store our grief. Grief can be exhausting and overwhelming, and we may think that by not acknowledging it we can avoid the pain – but the truth is, that until we work through it, grief is going to completely run the show.

“Grief is such a sneaky bitch.” ~ Sara Chizek

Sara and I explore the journey of how we can use the powerful energy of grief to transform our lives and the world around us.

Her work focuses on the importance of creating a safe container for women to move through grief so they can learn how to access the next thing – joy. She gives women permission to be powerful, wild, sensual, and fully empowered to own their entire range of emotions.

Join us as Sara shares her tips and tools for moving through grief, and how one of the most profound ways we can move and release grief is through our bodies.

“I like to think of (grief) as like an iceberg, and we just slowly thaw it out, because there isn’t that quick fix…

I hope your listeners take comfort in the fact that this journey does get to be your own… you get to move at the pace that feels right to you…”

~Sara Chizek



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