Jeni Brockbank is the host of The Betrayal Trauma SOS podcast, a brave soul and voice of hope and inspiration in our community.

Jeni’s story exemplifies God’s ability to redeem any situation. Her healing journey has included God, therapy, yoga, art, books, mindfulness, meditation, 12 steps, friendships, support groups, and more.

During our conversation, she details her 17-year healing journey, including cultivating the willingness to do anything to heal and awakening to self-trust, intuition, and self-compassion.

For those of you suffering from feelings of loneliness, shame, guilt, and isolation, Jeni’s message of healing through community, sisterhood, and vulnerability will feel like a deep breath of courage.

I can’t wait to share our conversation with you!

I love you all,




  • Have you recently discovered that your husband is a sex addict?
  • Or are you struggling to cope with the emotional fallout of his infidelity and betrayal?
  • Do you know you need help but feel overwhelmed with shock and don’t know where to start?