In this episode, I talk about the third phase of recovering from Betrayal Trauma. Learning to trust yourself. Becoming the love of your life. Prioritizing your healing, and reclaiming and rediscovering yourself, your values and what brings you joy.

In this episode, we discuss the elements of my signature coaching program, exclusively for women who have suffered betrayal trauma and partners of sex addicts, Beauty After Betrayal.

  • Nurturing Somatic resilience
  • Uncovering the Essensual You
  • Unpacking Your Relational Pattern
  • Reconnecting with Play & Pleasure
  • Claiming Your Comeback Story
  • Visioning the New, Beautiful You

Before diving into this episode, go back and listen to Episode #4  How We Heal From Betrayal Trauma – Part 1.

If you or someone you love needs some detailed resources for setting boundaries and rebuilding your life after betrayal, check out my resources below.

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  • Have you recently discovered that your husband is a sex addict?
  • Or are you struggling to cope with the emotional fallout of his infidelity and betrayal?
  • Do you know you need help but feel overwhelmed with shock and don’t know where to start?