In this episode, I talked with one of my personal “choir of Angels.” My friend, colleague, and former coach, Sarah Morales. Sarah is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Professional Relationship Coach, and an APSATS-Certified Partners Coach.

Sarah has years of experience working with partners of sex addicts in both private and group programs. Sarah’s number one passion is teaching about gaslighting as a form of emotional abuse.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss values, embracing discomfort, learning to listen to and love your voice, and demanding that others love you well.

We begin with her journey-the day she discovered her husband’s sex addiction and betrayal after 14 years of marriage. Her d-day (discovery day) started with the FBI in her front yard…and doesn’t get much better from there!.

Sarah talked about her recovery from spiritual abuse and breaking free from the constructs that kept her from valuing and fully loving herself.

We take a deep dive into “gaslighting 101,” her role as a gaslighting specialist, and her unique definition of gaslighting. “Gaslighting is when a person or a group of people, through covert behaviors, convince another person that what they perceive, believe, think, or feel is inaccurate or invalid.”

I know you will value our conversation just as much as I did. Sarah and I love to work with clients together. You can learn more about the work we do together in Two-Hearts Coaching: