Sigh. I love the ocean. There is no place I feel more alive and like myself than when I’m at the edge of a continent and staring out at a deep, blue sea.

A few weeks ago, just before 2022 really began according to the feminine wisdom way, Jeff and I spent the creating our 3-year vision together. As part of that process, we established the five pillars that we want as the foundation we build our life and our relationship upon.

Here are our five pillars:

1. Health
2. Wealth
3. Intimacy
4. Family
5. Experiences

Last week we were in Costa Rica for a yoga retreat and we pretty much killed it by hitting all five of our pillars.

That’s the beautiful thing about traveling… to a beautiful place… where we take care of our bodies… and each other (wink wink).

It’s easy to lose that sweet, soulful intimacy in the hustle of the everyday.

Everyday Intimacy requires slowing down…

Paying attention…

Creating experiences for each other where you feel authentic and alive…

Even when you’re not on retreat, you can still cultivate Everyday Intimacy with your loves ones because it can look like…

A bath in the afternoon with your lover.

A family walk at dusk so your 10yo can hunt for toads.

Creating a character so you can play D&D with your teens.

Dropping everything to hear about your BFFs latest date.

Intimacy is what gets cultivated and nourished when we choose to be present with those we love.

Most, importantly – those moments also ask that we be present and intimate with ourselves – so that we can truly experience them.

Tell me…How do you and your beloved feel alive and make each other feel seen? How do you create conscious connections with your kids? Your girlfriends? Yourself?

If you’re struggling with this one, don’t worry. I’ve got you.

You are invited to join me for a free masterclass on “How We Create Everyday Intimacy” happening on April 7th at 6:00 PM in the Pleasure Full Life Facebook Group. I look forward to the pleasure of seeing you there :).