Yesterday I was procrastinating writing this LoveLetter by instead choosing to reorganize the shit show that is my Dropbox account.

While digging through there, I came across a snapshot I took from a book that I had to read for grad school. I don’t remember taking the photo; however, as I scanned through the text, I quickly recognized the quote that had been my reason why.

“The world would be a better place if we loved each other and told the truth.”*

I got total chills when I read that because I’ve been realizing more and more lately that the essence of what I am here to do is to love you and tell you the truth.

I am here to love you and remind you of how beautiful and perfect you are.

I am here to tell you the truth about how true radiance and power already exist within you.

Most importantly, I am here to tell you the truth about women’s sexuality, intimacy, embodiment and beauty.

Not everyone will like what I have to say. That’s okay.

I’m going to tell the truth anyway because for some women – my women – they will rejoice in the liberation of being reminded of what their souls already know to be true.

That’s why our next A Pleasure Full Life Masterclass will be on Debunking Myths About Feminine Sexuality.

I’m going to be dropping some major truth bombs on March 3rd when I take on just a few of the many, many myths we fall prey to. Myths that show up like this:

  • I need to hurry up and have an orgasm before my partner gets annoyed
  • I’m frustrated because my partner doesn’t initiate sex as often as I’d like
  • I’m embarrassed when I’m so turned on but still have to use lube
  • My body responded so I must have liked it when he did that
  • I should be able to orgasm during intercourse. I shouldn’t have to use a vibrator
  • Foreplay


And so many more. Join me for this month’s masterclass on Debunking the Many Myths About Feminine Sexuality.

It’s FREE to attend! All you have to do is join the Pleasure Full Life Facebook group.

Debunking Myths About Feminine Sexuality
LIVE in A Pleasure Full Life Facebook Group
Thursday, March 3, 2022
6:00 – 7:00 PM CT

I’ll see you there!

P.S. If you have any questions about feminine sexuality that you’d like me to cover, hit reply to this email because I’d love to know.

*I had to do some investigative research to find out where the quote had come from and it was written by Lance Secretan, PhD. in an essay titled “Love and Truth: The Golden Rules of Fellowship”. The essay was in a book called The Workplace and Spirituality.


“For I conclude that the enemy is not lipstick, but guilt itself; we deserve lipstick, if we want it, AND free speech; we deserve to be sexual AND serious—or whatever we please. We are entitled to wear cowboy boots to our own revolution.”
~ Naomi Wolf