You don’t have to spend the rest of your life alone, just because your ex betrayed you or made you doubt yourself.

Yes, his betrayal made you question your beauty, sex appeal, and ALL of the many things that make you exceptional. Sure, he got in there and did his ninja mind-fuckery with your brain — gaslighting, self-doubt, lies, and manipulation.

Your work now is to not let that keep messing with you.

If you have been betrayed and are unsure if you want to leave… or you’re thinking about going back… or you went back… there are flavors to what’s going on.

The first flavor is fear and doubt.
Fear that there’s no more love for you.

If you’re like me, I was in my late mid-forties when I divorced my ex. I was full of self-talk: “Who’s going to want me? I’m in my forties. I’m a single mom. I’ve got three kids.” I was very successful in my career, but it was my third divorce. (That is still hard for me to say sometimes.) Let me tell you, that’s not the life that I thought I would have.

The antidote to doubt and fear is faith. Faith in something bigger. Whatever bigger container you believe in — God, the Universe, Spirit, the Great Mother, or your own Divine Self.

Leaving and starting over is a leap of faith.  Whatever container that faith came in, I had to have faith that I would be supported in unexpected ways. If I got clear on the relationship and the love I wanted, there would be more love for me.

The second flavor is the fear of missing out.

Thoughts and doubt creep in. Maybe he’s better, and we can work it out this time. What if he gets better and he gets with somebody else? Then somebody else gets to enjoy his betterness!!!?!?”

The last time I tried to reconcile with my ex, we were already divorced. I had my own house and moved on.  I was afraid, full of doubt, AND convinced that there was nothing better for me.

I was scared I had used up all my chances. I was judging and shaming myself for getting divorced again.  I was avoiding the hard work of really, really moving on.

This is the essence of what I do with my private clients. We do the hard work to help you move on and create the life of your dreams.  We work on reclaiming you and taking steps forward. We work through fear and doubt.

There’s more love for you:
more hope, healing, and a big, beautiful, joyous life.

My signature six-month coaching program, Beauty After Betrayal™, has launched…and it’s full (for now!!). If you’re interested, I’ll get you on the waitlist. I will be opening space for 2-3 more clients in a couple of weeks. Learn more about it here.

Happily ever after is an inside job.

 It’s a choice.

xoxo, Jenni