I’m super excited to share a story from a client. I’ve coached her throughout her recovery journey; this week, we got the opportunity to explore a deep seated belief when she said, “I guess I just need to deal with the fact that I pick the wrong man.”

What if? What if she didn’t pick the wrong man? What if her soul knew what she came into this lifetime to heal and discover and be. What if her soul’s journey was to give her the experiences she needs to become the woman that she was born to be?

I challenged her belief and felt the shift. I heard it in her voice at the end of the session when she said.” Oh my God, I will claim that. I will claim that I didn’t pick the wrong man, that I’m not broken.”

We can shift from being a victim to trusting God, spirit, source, higher power, and our own soul.

Yes, she was undoubtedly victimized, but not a victim. There’s a difference between seeing yourself as a victim, stuck in the story of what he did, and shifting the story, putting the focus on you, and taking positive healing actions. I don’t believe the cliche “everything happens for a reason.” I think we can shift our perspective, redeem what has happened, and let it catapult you to being the most amazing version of yourself.

Moving you from being the victim to being the SHERO of your own life story (i.e. your comeback story) is the essence of my free mini-course, Rise in Beauty. Over 10 emails and 8 videos, I take you through a taste of the exact steps I use with my private coaching clients, and best of all, you get a free exploratory session with me as part of the course!!!

During our free session, we start to ask the questions that lead to healing—Are you ready to claim your comeback moment? Are you prepared to become the heroine of your own life’s journey?

There’s so much beauty and growth ahead. Claim your narrative, shift your perspective, choose to redeem what happened to you.

You can do it. I’ll be with you.

xoxo, Jenni

P.S. I know that you are ready to shift your narrative and how you show up in relationships. I know that you want to feel like you can trust yourself and your intuition. I know that you want stop abandoning yourself and settling for anything less that your heart and soul desires. Rise in Beauty will give you such a boost on your road to Beauty After Betrayal. You can sign up here – www.riseinbeauty.com!