When my life was devastated by my husband’s betrayal, I wanted justice.

It took years, but I realized, through deep inner work, that justice wasn’t outside of me, waiting for me to find it. Justice was inside, waiting for me to reclaim it when I reclaimed the parts of my life that I had lost over a long, troubled marriage. Now, after years of healing, I sit with clients each and every week, bearing witness to their pain as they grapple with the unfairness of that truth. Part of our recovery is sitting with the fact that justice isn’t always there in the way that we think it’s going to be.

How are we made whole after what we have been through?

In the early stages of my recovery, I got really hung up on finding justice, partly because it helped me stave off grief. Trauma broke me down completely–it sucks, and it is unfair. It’s also an incredible opportunity to rebuild in a new and better way. You can reclaim and rediscover parts of yourself–parts that may have been lost for years.
Women healing from betrayal trauma find justice and healing when we stop focusing on our husbands– his recovery and betrayal. We heal by shifting the focus on ourselves and reclaiming our true selves. We can rediscover who we wanted to be– lit up, radiant, joyful, sexy, authentically expressed, living on purpose.

You make your own justice by bringing the focus on you, doing your healing work, showing up for yourself. Use what happened to you to catapult you to the next level. I have done it myself and am inspired by the clients who go through an incredible rebirth and rediscovery.

When you take the focus off him and place it squarely on you, justice is born.

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You lost parts of yourself. Justice is to reclaim them.

Let’s rise together, xoxo, Jenni

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