Welcome to My Meditation Garden

Five Senses Meditation

In this short and simple mediation, I lead you through the class process of connecting with each of your five senses in order to reconnect you with your body and the present moment. Use this anytime you are feeling triggered, anxious or overwhelmed.

Be sure to have an item or items near you that will allow you to use your sense of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. If possible, create your very own sacred space dedicated to your meditation practice filled with cherished items that make you feel safe and loved.

Aligning Your Head, Heart & Gut

How do you find the clarity you need to make the big decisions in your life? How do you decide whether you want stay in your marriage or start the process of moving on? When everyone around you seems to have an opinion, how do you discover what it is that YOU want?

You learn to listen to your head, your heart and your gut. We are all graced with these three intelligence centers that sometimes come into conflict with one another.

Learning to live and love in alignment is the first step to emotional freedom. If you’ve been treading the same emotional waters for a while now, then this guided meditation is for you.