Have you spent years surviving your partner’s betrayal…and now you’re ready to rediscover and reclaim all the lost parts of yourself?

My journey to leaving my toxic, emotionally abusive, unhealthy marriage was rough. It took many years to get to the place where I could even face it, much less leave. Even after I left, I wasn’t really gone; I was continually drawn back into the relationship–stuck in a cycle of leaving and going back. And even after we were divorced, I found myself repeatedly drawn back. It went on way longer than I’d like to admit.

How did I finally stop the cycle? I was sitting with my coach, preparing a list of polygraph questions. Yet ANOTHER polygraph to see if he had really been sober from his acting out behaviors. During my session with my coach, I experienced a moment of clarity. I realized I could no longer live this way. I realized I deserved more. I needed to learn to trust myself if I wanted to stop the cycle and leave for good; I needed to shift my focus and place it squarely on myself.

I realized I didn’t really trust myself because I didn’t really know myself. I had lost myself and what I wanted, partly from betrayal and partly from the over-functioning that happens for women trying to save their marriage and help their husbands recover.

This realization was my comeback moment.

After that realization, I took action. Over the next six months, I put in super protective boundaries in all my relationships, especially with my ex. I got serious about healing my nervous system and committed to daily yoga, journaling, and meditation practice. I explored my entire relationship history and saw patterns emerge. I spent time playing with my inner child and re-parenting myself, healing that relationship I had with little Jenni. She needed me to show up for her as an adult.

I started seeing my husband’s betrayal as one chapter in the long arc of my whole life. With that perspective, I could zoom out and see what was happening was really about me, not about him.

Eventually, I got to where I could dream again and vision a new life for myself. I refused to get stuck in fear that I would never find love again, and now I am a living testimony that it’s possible. I remarried an amazing man while in my 40s with three kids. I can’t promise you that if you do this work, you’re going to fall in love again, but I know that healing, reclaiming, and rediscovering you is part of the journey to love.

Now, I want to give you my tools. “Rise In Beauty” is my new signature mini-course, and it’s free for a limited time. This is the roadmap to the work I did to change my life. We’ll go step-by-step into the next phase of your journey. You lost parts of yourself before his betrayal happened. Let’s go back and reclaim them.

We launch next week!

Let’s rise together,