You are invited to Our Universal (Re)Initiation Into Intimacy with this episode of the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast. This is one of those where I just start with a desire to share a particular idea or experience but literally no idea what might actually come out of my mouth.

My hope was to share with you how I have personally been experiencing the return of some of the most important, magical and mystical parts of my life. Namely, yoga retreats and live music.

Both of those beloved experiences came fully back into my life on the same weekend this month and, as they did, I was deeply moved by how much I had missed them both!

Tears came to my eyes when I walked into Stubb’s and saw that it was packed with people who were all there to take part in this shared, powerful, kinesthetic experience…for the first time in two years.

We were all there to see one of my favorite bands – Manchester Orchestra – whose album “A Black Mile to the Surface” I leaned on heavily for survival via running and scream singing in 2020-21. To have this band be my (Re)Initiation into live music…was perfection.

Then the next morning…Jeff and I flew to Costa Rica for the first yoga retreat I’d been on since 2019. Yoga retreats have been an annual cosmic adventure for me that started in 2012 and served as markers throughout the darkest years of my life.

Yoga retreats were how I learned to create community, to open up and share with others like me. Again, to find myself on retreat with my dear friend and yoga teacher AND with Jeff…was perfection.

Yet, I struggled at first to allow myself to enjoy it.

You’ll have to check out this episode to find out WHY as well as hear how I believe that we are all being called by the Universe right now to this shared, (Re)Initiation into intimacy.

Meaning, I feel like we are all standing at the edge of a portal. We have an opportunity to transition into the next phase of our lives. We have the chance to recover and discover pathways to more conscious and intimate lives…if only we can be brave enough to risk it.

P.S. About the Everyday Intimacy Mastermind that I mentioned in the show…I like to think of this small group offering as a kind of advanced practice for those who desire to create more conscious, intimate connections – with personal mentorship from me. Read more and apply to speak with me personally about the details here –