You are an Awakening Warrior

So yes, you’re sheltering after betrayal trauma.

But you can stand strong in the face of this storm. 

You’re in the beginning stages, but you’re now on the path to triumph over betrayal trauma!

Rest assured, you will rise above like a Phoenix from the ashes, beloved.


Get ready to reclaim your life and reconnect to what makes you come alive!

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There’s a saying that by the time you ask a question, you already know the answer.

You’re here because you know something doesn’t feel right… 

You can’t quite put your finger on it, you just know in your bones that your relationship isn’t the fun, love-filled, safe space it should be. 

You know you deserve more, even if that idea is hard to hold right now. 

Right now, it might feel like you’re living in a state of hypervigilance.

You’re on guard all the time, jumping at little things and feeling smaller than you’ve ever felt. 

And you’re fueled by knee-jerk reactions instead of the calm and confident decisiveness that used to come so easily.

You might even be walking around, pretending everything’s okay. And that’s probably what you tell most people when they ask.

But inside your body, you know it’s anything but.

You can’t sleep, your heart races, and you either can’t eat or you can’t stop eating. #EffYouMacAndCheese

Where did the confident, fun, sexy you go?

…The triggers can sometimes feel like they’re around every corner! 

…the song on the radio that was your song…

…the jokes you used to share…

..the brunch spot you frequented on weekends…

And social media does not help! 

Suddenly you’re an Instagram Investigator, scrolling the profiles of any woman who dares to like his posts… 

The kicker though — is the relationship you have with yourself.

Because, even if it sounds totally counter-intuitive right now… this is  the time to put you first.

To balance, ground, and heal. To reclaim your radiance.

So if you’ve been feeling insecure, unworthy, and lost — there’s ONE thing you need to know: 

There’s nothing wrong with you

You’re still the same strong, capable, worthy of love goddess you’ve always been.

You just have to process the stored energy in your body.

Because even though your thoughts might be racing like crazy and your suspicions feel like the height of paranoia… 

…the way you’re feeling and reacting right now is normal. 

Your reality is true, valid, and worth honoring!

Even though the gaslighting and manipulation you’ve been through have made you doubt yourself time and time again.  You can learn to love again —  believe me (I’ve been through this and I’m here for you). 

Betrayal isn’t always blatant. Trauma isn’t always obvious. 

But healing is ALWAYS possible. 

If you’re asking yourself…

“When’s it going to feel like I’m living again, instead of just getting through the days?”

“Will I ever feel safe in my own skin again?” 

“Ugh, why am I being so darn hard on myself all the time?!”

If you’re wondering where the real you went, or if you’ll ever be able to find yourself again…

You are in the perfect place to explore your personal path to healing. This is a safe space for you.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, get cozy in your favorite chair, and get ready to reclaim your feminine power so you can step into your most beautiful and fulfilling life.

Because, Beauty, you’ve been through Something.

And it’s SO important that you feel safe and supported while you heal your betrayal trauma.

Your quiz results will help you tap into…

⇒  An answer to the question: What is Betrayal Trauma? And an overview of the 5 types of trauma that affect your life. 

Mindful meditations to help you anchor your body and reset your nervous system when you find yourself in a trauma induced spiral

⇒ Insight into how boundaries rebuild the foundation for safety. Boundaries are about to become your bff, girlfriend! 

⇒A deeper understanding of the Stages of Healing

A way to look at your trauma as a gift – a gateway into your soul that you wouldn’t be able to access without it.

⇒ Plus you’ll also find solace, sisterhood, and support to start the healing process — from someone who has been through betrayal trauma personally.

(Not gonna lie, you’re probably gonna wanna Bookmark this page. Or, better yet, print it out, because these resources are something you’re going to want to come back to again and again!)f women to do the same —  I have got your back.

No joke, this quiz result is so jam-packed with knowledge, resources, and mind expanding insights — based on years of research, my own experience with betrayal trauma, and the community of amazing women I connected with (all experts in their fields) on my own journey through recovering from betrayal trauma to building the beautiful life I have today!

Saying yes to this journey will draw you into the depths of yourself so that you can emerge victorious  — like the heroine in the greatest story ever told. 

(^^that’s your story, love ?). 

You’re the firebird, and you will soon Rise. 

As someone who has been through betrayal trauma myself and coached dozens of women to do the same —  I have got your back.

A life that you love (more than you may even be able to imagine right now) is the gift on the other side of this, sister!

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

― Mary Oliver

First things first:
You are not your trauma

Nobody tells you this, so if you’re feeling a little rocked by this truth bomb, hear me out… 

You check a lot of boxes right now, sister: 

✅ You’ve found yourself hashing out your relationship woes with anyone who will sit still long enough to listen. Or clamming up and keeping all that confusion to yourself.

✅ All that gaslighting you’ve been through has made you feel like you might be to blame, even though you know damned well you didn’t ask for any of it…. 

✅ Microaggressions like emotional distancing or stonewalling have seriously harmed your relationship.

✅ Your trust is broken, your life turned upside down, and your belief in yourself is seriously damaged.

✅ You’re hypervigilant, always on edge, and feel like you’re coming out of your own skin.

But despite your current state of turmoil, don’t worry — I’m going to show you how to move through your trauma to fall in love with your beautiful life again!

The Path to Recovery

May be a long and windy road, but join me on the journey past your preconceived ideas about relationships, through the Valley of the Traumatized Nervous System, and up the steep trail of Mount LoveThyself!

Follow me as I take you on a tour of yourself.

Imagine, if you will, your Google Earth app. Open it up to find a zoomed out view of the planet. 

Drop the pin and the view rapidly shrinks, from continent, to county, to state, to city, to neighborhood – until eventually you’re staring at your own backyard and can see your car in the driveway. 

Now imagine you can zoom in even further. 

You see yourself sitting in your home, surrounded by your patterns – the systems that inform who you are and what’s important to you. 

Your religious views are on the shelf next to your favorite books. 

Social pressures are jammed into the TV stand. 

Your family values peek out at you from your photo albums. 

And your mother’s opinions keep skipping on the record player.

Zoom in even more and we’re inside your body, where your nervous system reigns supreme –  and she’s having a Queen of Hearts moment! Off with their heads!

This is what we’re going to look at today. Because before you can even think about Feng Shui-ing your decor, you have to do the inner work to tame your nervous system so you feel safe in your own skin again.

Stages of Trauma Recovery


Awakening Warrior


This is where you tell your nervous system to simmer the hell down, now! So you can properly process the pain points as they percolate when you’re under pressure. 

Boundaries, grounding exercises, and self-soothing are your friends now, so get cozy and prepare to dive in!



Rising Beauty

Here’s where you can begin embodied storytelling, to take back control of your life and learn to love yourself with wholehearted abandon!

Say goodbye forever to your relationships as it was, and look forward with excitement as you redefine what it means to live, laugh, and eventually love again.


Comeback Queen

This is when you say Holy F, Yes! I am healed, I am whole, and I am ready to reclaim my power and sexuality as a strong woman with a beautiful story waiting to unfold!

Because a woman who truly knows herself and understands what she’s capable of is an unstoppable, powerful, force of grace and beauty!

Based on your responses, you need to learn how to feel safe in your body again.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t peek ahead to see what’s in store for you once you finally feel safe in your own skin.

Check out the results for the other Stages of Recovering from Betrayal Trauma.

Let’s set the story straight:
What is Betrayal Trauma?

The symptoms of PTSD and complex trauma are long and depressing, but they can be summed up beautifully in one word – contraction.

When a person or institution you relied upon for safety and security betrays you, that creates a type of trauma.

In the case of relational trauma, when the person who’s been your person has been lying, gaslighting, and emotionally abusing you all of your relationships become impacted. 

And that trauma gets stored in your body.

It can look like:

  • hypervigilance
  • over-the-top reactions
  • emotional breakdowns when you least expect them 

Because with trauma comes a feeling of no control. 

Your body hijacks your nervous system when you least expect it, and you’re left feeling like your safety harness has come undone on a rollercoaster.

Think back to our Google Maps metaphor. Just as your perspective zooms in and contracts, so does your body when it’s faced with trauma. 

Your gut tightens. Your throat closes. Your fists clench. Even your poor little butthole probably puckers up like a raisin left out in the sun. And everything else gets in on the party. Your lungs push out the air you suddenly desperately need, and it’s a struggle to take more in. Your sweat glands start working overtime to push out your stress. And your brain reacts like it’s been thrown into a pressure cooker. 

All because somebody that you love and trust has violated your most sacred boundaries, and left you holding a mixed bag of emotions and trauma responses that nothing in life has prepared you for. 

And it can get even more confusing if you’ve decided to stay and work through the betrayal, because even though your modern, liberal feminist beliefs told you you’d walk, immediately, if anyone ever hurt you like this — you’re still torn. 

The Clash Asked the Right Question 
“Should I stay or should I go?”

With all that confusion, you can’t help but wonder — will things ever get better? 

Because somehow you feel like there’s no way you could have ended up here without seeing it coming.

That’s the weird little guilt sandwich that society feeds us. 

How could you have been so foolish? 

Like you were somehow responsible, even in some small way.

That’s some messed up mental fuckery, my friend! 

Because the people with the power to rock you like this can only do it because they mean so much to you – and why would you want to mistrust them? 

At the risk of sounding like a comic book writer…

Let's Get "Multidimensional”

The Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model 0r MPTM developed by the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists or APSATS (it's a mouthful, I know), clearly outlines 5 different types of trauma unique to people who have been betrayed in a cherished relationship.

The 5 Sneaky Types of Betrayal Trauma

…and how they can really eff with your relationships

The umbrella of Trauma covers a very nuanced set of trickle-down issues that can be insidious in your everyday life. 

The first stage of healing is awareness, so let’s give you some insight to help you recognize these tricky trauma types when they trip you up.


Relational Trauma

When the person that you love, trust, and rely on more than anyone else reveals that they were lying and cheating throughout your relationship, it seriously impacts all of your relationships. 

For instance, it’s normal for your kids to not tell you everything (and even occasionally feed you a white lie.) 

But even casual dishonesty can trigger your greater trauma when deceit was the root cause. 

When you uncover that deception, you can be triggered, thrown into a nervous system overload, and end up a yelling, over-reactive mama-mess. 

And guess what? You damage your relationship with your kids, who deserve better than that. 

What To DoRegulate your own reactions and remember that not every relationship is built on lies and manipulation.

Recognize your nervous system response and practice grounding exercises until you’re back to normal levels and feel safe again, then have an open conversation with your loved one about how they violated your boundaries and hurt you. 

Check out my Meditation Garden for mantras and meditations to help when you’re triggered and don’t want to alienate a loved one.


Sexual Trauma

The sexual repercussions of being betrayed can be polarizing. 

Some people become almost phobic about it, avoiding sex and personal touch, and can be triggered by the connection and vulnerability that comes with physical intimacy. 

Others become hypersexual, hunting through Tinder and Bumble, trying to regain confidence and work through the negative energy stored in their bodies with some good old fashioned horizontal cardio.

It’s completely normal for you to develop self-confidence issues as you compare yourself to women in porn – or the woman they cheated with – and find imagined inadequacies to layer over the self-doubt that came fast on the heels of the initial betrayal. 

You can even be caught completely off guard, trying to enjoy some sexy time with someone new, or rekindle the spark with your husband, and in the middle of the act freak out without warning. 

What To Do – Stop! Stop the sex. Stop the intimacy. And have clear communication with your partner about what you’re feeling, and what you need to feel safe and comfortable. 

How you move through it is to learn to trust yourself again, and to set sexual boundaries with your partner that allow your body and your nervous system to feel honored in the moment.

So listen to your gut.

Honor your body.

Set your boundaries.

And give yourself so much grace as you work through your responses.

You WILL trust yourself again.

You’ve got this.

Check out my article Normalizing Sexual Responses to Relational Trauma to help you understand how to navigate your feelings around sex after betrayal.


Existential Trauma

You can get stuck in a cycle of cognitive dissonance when you find out what you believed to be true about your partner is, in fact, a lie.

Suddenly, you might start distrusting everything that you thought you knew, and get thrown into a conflict with yourself that you never expected. 

When you have to ask yourself the tough question of ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ and you find yourself answering differently than your younger, more naive self would have. 

When “Girl, leave his lying ass” meets “But I love him!” you have to take a hard look at your values, and resolve the conflict you find within. 

Do you love your man more than you love your feminist ideology? 

Do you believe that working through it honors your values more than walking away? 

This changes your conflict from you vs. him, to you vs. your old beliefs and understanding of relationships, and how you might behave contrary to how you always thought you would.  

It’s easy to say that you’ll never love someone who could betray you – until you find yourself in love with a cheater. #yikes

Only YOU can make this call, not your friends, your family, or the you who thought she knew exactly what she’d do before she was ever betrayed. 

What To Do – Closely examine what’s truly important to you, and align your actions to those values. If nurturing your relationship is more important than letting down your college girl ideologies, then hunker down for the hard work. 

If cutting loose to rediscover your beautiful life after betrayal on your own terms is your path, then put your best foot forward, solo.

Don’t worry if this all sounds like a lot to tackle. You’re part of my community now and I’m going to help you determine your core values, and how to build safety and boundaries around those values. 

So you can reclaim your life and energy for the things your heart and soul truly desire.


Spiritual Trauma

Betrayal can rock your faith right to its core. And it doesn’t have to be religious faith. It can be the kind of faith you have in love, relationships, or even yourself. 

Because when you’re a good person, who does the right things, and does unto others as you would have them do unto you, there’s a pretty clear expectation of what you’re supposed to get in return.

And good girls don’t get lied to, manipulated, and betrayed, right?

When betrayal rattles your faith, it can sometimes bring you closer to God, or spirituality, or your relationship with this beautiful earth, whichever form your celebration of existence takes. 

But often it brings you to your knees and leaves you wondering why you have faith when the institutions you believe in didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. 

It takes work to dismantle the nuances of your faith, examine the blind expectations you have, and rebuild your relationship with your beliefs to fit with your new reality.

What to do – Look for the areas where this dissonance causes discord, and work to reconcile your beliefs with reality. It’ll take some time and you’ll have to let go of a few assumptions, but you’ll be much clearer on how you see things when you’re done. 

And this work doesn’t just apply to your relationship. Overall life can get better if you take the time to inventory the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs you’ve never questioned.

This is when you get to reevaluate who you are, what you believe, and what your place in the world is. 

Four Ways to Trust Yourself Again.

1. Your Boundaries

As women, we aren’t taught to keep boundaries. We’re taught to make concessions.

But boundaries are there to keep you safe, and your most important boundaries are the ones we have for ourselves. Only you know what you need to feel safe.

Honoring our boundaries is how you teach yourself that you are trustworthy.

2. Your Voice

Using your voice is how you set and maintain your boundaries. 

The most basic step of voicing boundaries is to say no when you want to say no, and yes when you want to say yes! 

3. Your Intuition

Trust your intuition. 

It’s made up of the Holy Trinity of Brain, Heart, and Guts. If any of these triplets are in disagreement, you’ll feel it as discord in your resonance.  

Listen to that harsh note and take heed! Work to bring them into alignment, and you’ll be able to trust the feeling when your intuition rings out in harmony.

4. Your Body

Body is different from intuition, although they can work together. 

When you’re faced with a trigger, take notice of  whether your body is expanding, softening, and open to receiving – or contracting, pulling back, or stiffening. 

When you pay attention to the silent (and sometimes not so silent, I’m looking at you nervous bloating) signals your body is throwing out, you’ll learn to trust yourself again.


Treatment-Induced Trauma

When you’ve been betrayed in a relationship, and your partner enters a treatment program to address his issues (praise Jesus), you’re often taken along for the ride, cuz you need support, too! 

But his treatment is completely different from what you need to heal and embrace your most beautiful life. His therapist will try to uncover the root causes of his betrayal, but you need to deal with the trauma his betrayal has caused you.

So when his support group starts labeling you with hurtful and confusing terms like ‘love addict’ and ‘codependent enabler,’ – even though your behaviors are actually triggered by the trauma of finding out your relationship was based on lies and betrayal – it can really eff you up. 

Getting help from people who aren’t trauma informed and trained to deal with the fallout of betrayal, no matter how well-meaning, can result in completely unhelpful advice, like “just go home and have more sex with him, that should fix things!”

Your experience can be discounted, your trauma trivialized, and somehow you can feel like you’re at fault.

But you aren’t to blame!

Unfortunately, you could also be experiencing this after speaking to your pastor or priest or other members of your religious community.  They might try to tell you that it is somehow your fault.  But you aren’t to blame!

What to do –  Maybe ditch the pastor pep talks, hit pause on confiding in your friends, and seek out a trauma informed therapist to support you. Otherwise you risk compounding your trauma every time you try to heal your pain.

Reframe Time!

Love addiction + codependency are often the *wrong* labels

If you’re here because you’ve joined your partner’s treatment for the behavior that led to your betrayal, then you’ve probably found yourself on the receiving end of labels like ‘love addict’ or ‘codependent enabler.’ 

Like you were somehow responsible for the choices and actions of your partner. #ItWasNeverAboutYou

But in reality, the trauma of their betrayal is the direct cause of your behavior. 

Yes, PTSD symptoms can masquerade as codependency and love addiction.

But they’re completely different things, requiring profoundly different treatment and support. 

Not so fun fact:

Women who are traumatically betrayed in their romantic life will go back to the unhealthy relationship an average of 5 times before they do the work to get free.

The first goal of trauma recovery should and must be to improve your quality of life on a daily basis.   

You can’t do that until you feel safe. 

I’m not talking about the kind of safety you find curled up in bed with your head under the covers and all your limbs tucked in, safe from the monsters under the bed. 

Because these monsters, unfortunately, were seeds planted  inside of you by your family of origin and nurtured by the society in which you live. 

They don’t care if one of your feet comes untucked to hang over the edge of the bed in the middle of the night because they’ve already got their claws securely hooked in your hippocampus, the home of your memories.

But don’t lose hope, because salvation is here with a map to pull you out of your chaotic betrayal trauma and help you heal. So you can reclaim your beautiful, sexy life and learn to live (and love) wholeheartedly again!

If you find it difficult to see past where you are right now because you’re caught in a loop of negative intrusive thoughts…

If you have an internal dialogue that’s a mimic of all your deepest fears and insecurities… 

…don’t worry, I have got you, beauty!  

There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Those thoughts and stories don’t need to be the soundtrack of the rest of your life. (Speakin’ of soundtracks, keep reading for an epic playlist to help you dance away that tired old tape!)

Because you can overcome your betrayal trauma!

And I’m going to give you the tools to help you rediscover your beautiful life after betrayal and trauma.

✨ Introducing: Somatic Resilience ✨

(⬆️ Aka your new superpower, sister!)

The first big step when dealing with any kind of trauma is to nurture Somatic Resilience – or heal your heightened nervous system to a place where you feel safe.

Where you feel good in your body and you can be present. 

These tools and practices will help you get your nervous system back online faster (especially when you’re triggered) – no matter how out of control you feel in the moment.

How to nurture your somatic resilience like a self-love warrior

These sensory experience exercises will help you rein in your racing nerves and regain control of your reactions, so you can finally feel like yourself again.

1. Countdown to cool it down ?

In this short and simple meditation, you’ll connect with each of your five senses in order to come home to your body and the present moment.

Use this anytime you feel triggered, anxious or overwhelmed ?

What you’ll need:

Be sure to have an item or items near you that will allow you to use your sense of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste.

Hint: create your very own sacred space dedicated to your meditation practice filled with cherished items that make you feel safe and loved. 

Let’s dive in!

Take a comfortable seat with erect posture, and breath deep into the core of your body. 

Start with a couple of deep breaths with a bit of a humming exhalation.

Then open your eyes and notice: 

5 things you can see

Tick them off in your head, one by one. 

Deep breath.

4 things you can touch. 

What can you feel with your hands, under your feet, on your skin, under your bum. 

Deep breath. 

3 things you can hear. 

The buzz of the a/c. Birds outside. Traffic. 

Deep Breath.

2 things you can smell. 

Maybe you’ve prepped with an essential oil or you have your favorite lotion on.

Deep breath.

1 thing you can taste. 

I like to keep a piece of dark chocolate ready for this one, it’s earthiness grounds me. 

Deep breath.

Check out my Meditation Garden for other helpful guided meditations to guide you to safety in your body. 

2. Inner Compass

When you go through periods of trauma, like when you’re betrayed by your partner, the body can store those memories as sensations in your body. 

The result?

Your nervous system can misfire, leaving you either hypervigilant or disassociated when under moments of stress. 

Think rapid speech and verbal vomit, or blanked-out loss of focus. 

Unfortunately, that storage and those feelings can really throw off your Inner Compass, or your natural intuition. 

But don’t worry, there’s a way to retrain your Compass so it can guide you through your moments of panic and reaction. 

By grounding yourself in your body and it’s sensations, you can reset your nervous system and bring yourself back from the edge of anxiety.

Sounds seriously soothing, right?

But *be careful* when you come across an area that feels like it’s storage is at critical mass. You could feel sharp pain, or uncomfortable pressure, and nobody wants that.

The key is to be *so* gentle. 

Move your attention to a space that feels safe and comfortable instead, and save those painful areas for a time when you’re not already in a heightened state. 

This is about grounding, not exploration, so keep your feet on the ground, Amelia. 

Set Your Inner Compass

Your body wears its pain in a map; you just need to learn how to read it

Feelings & Sensations

Emotions, pain, pressure, air, tingling, itchiness

Environment & Temperature

Temperature, size, weight, shape, movement & motion, speed, texture, color

Inner Sensations

Body posture, sounds, taste buds, smell, emptiness, hunger

Slow down and notice if there are any specific sensations, movements, or emotions that resonate in any particular body part. Or if there’s an overall theme surrounding you now, like tense, congested, or even constipated. 

Pick 3-5 descriptors and journal about them. 

Tracking these things will help you process when it’s time to return and examine them again. 

Think of this journal as your field notes.

Just by taking a few moments to check in with your body, your nervous system can feel seen and heard. This ushers in deeper levels of safety.

The mind body connection is NO JOKE. It’s seriously one of your biggest friends right now. 

Because underneath it all, your body is an ally. A hidden continent waiting to reveal her hidden landscapes once again as you lavish her with attention. 

*Bonus Exercise*

Nothing gets you grounded better than a great song and a boogie! 

So put on something with a bass beat to connect your feet to the noise, and get your earthly vessel shakin’! 

Move your limbs and shake out the itchy restlessness of your hypervigilant nervous system.

 Teaser: there may or may not be a playlist coming with songs to help you deal with your heartache.

You’re welcome, wonderful one ?

Maybe you’re curious…

Who’s the wild woman behind this truth-telling quiz?

I’m Jenni Rochelle, founder of Beauty after Betrayal.

With me in your corner, you’ll get resources you can reference any time and someone that can really hold space for you where other approaches fell flat (because the truth is — betrayal trauma is widely misunderstood)

Hey, Beauty!

I’m Jenni and I am the Queen of Intimacy. As a coach and mentor for smart, successful women who desire to create conscious intimate connections, I have helped hundreds of women reconnect with themselves, their bodies and their beloveds.

With a Masters in Spiritual Formation, I awaken women to their birthright of sexual freedom and, as a survivor of abuse, I am also a thought leader in the field of betrayal trauma. My podcast, Beauty After Betrayal, has helped thousands of women heal with hope and rise. 

Inspired by my clients and informed by my own journey, my work is focused on mentoring women to get out of their heads and into their bodies, in order to shift their relationship to pleasure, sex and intimacy. 

I am a certified life coach trained according to the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) developed by the Association of Partners of Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists (APSATS). 

I am also a poet, a wife, a boy mom and a mystic who loves butter, coffee, bacon, traveling and pugs.


I can help, because I’m a Survivor of Betrayal Trauma

My first D-Day (aka Discovery Day) was in November 2012.

It was a doozy.

There were police involved.

I was at an all-time low, showing up to the police station with a sick baby and a vomit-covered Sock Monkey T-shirt.

But you know what? I didn’t even think about leaving! Not for a second.

I knew he was a sex addict, but I didn’t know what that meant.

I had no idea how, or who, to even ask for help – and I had already been in therapy for years!

Fast forward 3 years and another Discover Day of even more transgressions, and I had to face the facts about the man I was married to and our future together – or as it turns out, apart.

3 years of looking for support. 3 years to build the community I needed to support me as I walked through the desert of betrayal trauma and recovery.

I looked for anyone who could tell me whether to stay or go, and if my kids were safe if I stayed.

I so desperately wanted someone to tell me what to do.

It took a lot of work before I realized that I was the only one who could do the work and make that decision.

Luckily it only took me a little bit longer to realize that I didn’t have to do it alone.

The year before I filed for divorce, and the year after, were the darkest years of my life.

Those years were also the rich, fertile soil in which I planted the seeds for the most fulfilling love story of my life – the love I found for myself.

My Big, Beautiful, Sexy Life After Betrayal

My true transformation came in those dark moments when I wanted to go back (and tried to several times), but slowly learned how to do the deep, inner work that set me free from my past and set me up to become the woman I am today.

That was how I became the architect of my own comeback moment.

These days I openly embrace my right to great sex, big love and a healthy, beautiful life…even after betrayal.

I am outrageously, happily remarried to a man who could have written the book on how to love me – for the first time in my life.

More importantly, I have come to believe that I am worthy of such love and can actually receive it!

Your Own Big Sexy Comeback

What I most want you to know is that this is now your story. This is no longer about changing him or saving him. This is about saving you.

This is your comeback moment when you are standing at the crossroads, ready to make that big, life-changing decision.

This moment – is all about you.

I would be so honored to be a part of it.

Let’s get started,


Here are some Resources curated specifically for you, to help on your journey to find Beauty After Betrayal

Prefer to read your words of wisdom?

Check out this helpful Love Letter blog post Happily Ever After Is An Inside Job to help you focus on your own inner power as you recover from betrayal trauma.

Need a Playlist to Soothe your Nervous System?

Here’s a specially curated list of songs about love, betrayal, heartbreak, and moving on.

    1. Jesus, etc. – Wilco
    2. Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana
    3. How To Fight Loneliness – Wilco
    4. You Oughta Know – Alanis Morisette
    5. You Didn’t Kiss Me – Marry Me Jane
    6. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex
    7. You Are My Face – Wilco
    8. Sandcastles – Beyonce
    9. Jar of Hearts – Christina Perry
    10. Take A Bow – Rihanna
    11. How Do You Sleep – LCD Soundsystem
    12. Smile – Lily Allen
    13. Survivor – Destiny’s Child
    14. Love Is Everywhere (Beware) – Wilco
    15. Moving On Up – M People
    16. Break My Stride – Chateau Pop
    17. I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash
    18. Soul Sister – Mamuse
    19. Yemaya – Mirabai Ceiba
    20. I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan
    21. The Chain – Kerala Dust
    22. Heart-Shaped Box – Amber Mark
    23. Goddess Code – Lizzy Jeff

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