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May you Rise in Beauty today :)
            Dear Beauty,

Welcome to Rise in Beauty….your free gift for taking part in the Finding Love Summit. Rise In Beauty is for you if you say yes to any of the following:

  • Are you moving on after another relationship and know you have work to do on yourself?
  • Have you been told you're codependent and ready to do relationships differently?
  • Are you afraid of repeating past mistakes because you don’t really trust yourself anymore?

Just a few years ago, I was where you are now. I was moving on after another divorce and afraid of just making the same mistakes and picking another emotionally unavailable man. Again.  I also knew that in my heart of hearts I wanted someone to share my life with.  Because I refused to give up on love, I became dedicated to reclaiming and rediscovering myself so that I could learn how to do relationships differently.

The Rise in Beauty mini-course is borne out of that time in my life and is rooted in years of education, training, research and personal experience. Free for a limited time (a $97 value), the Rise in Beauty mini-course is a ten-email series with eight (short) videos full of transformative content.  If you are ready to reclaim and rediscover who you are in order to do relationships differently, then Rise in Beauty is for you!

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