“Well, when I think about from when I started to where I’m at now, I do feel like a different person. Just so many things come to my mind, like slowing down is my superpower, and this might not be exactly tied to week one, but just overall, and really connecting to my body and paying attention to it, and valuing it, because I do take information in so many other ways than just in my head, and getting out of my head, and I feel much stronger.”

— Julie M.

“The validation I received in telling my story in group brought so much healing.  It is comforting to know that women  warriors have blazed the path for me and I am not alone! Jenni Rochelle creates a beautiful space that encourages me to grow at my pace and accepts me where I am when I don’t feel ready.  She let’s me have space to figure out when I am making decisions that don’t serve me. If you are thinking about joining and having your own Big Sexy Comeback, don’t wait!  You are so worth it!” 

— Cindy

“I just feel like it just brought it all home for me that I really shut this part of me down in my life for way too many years. I closed myself off from sex, sexuality, open-heartedness, any of it. And I see now I thought, ‘Well I don’t need it. I can live without it. It’s not that big a deal. I’ve got too many other things in my life,’ but I realize now how important it is to me and that I want to keep exploring it.”

— Ellyn H.

“I’ve been very grateful for this group for the opportunity to learn how to embrace pleasure again in my life.”

— Jenn M.

“There was a shift in me to realize that, first of all I realized how much even in my marriage I really shut down, and I didn’t even realize it. So now I feel like there’s a sizzle back, and I do believe there could be a good man and I could fall in love again, and get to enjoy intimacy, but even if that doesn’t happen, that sizzle is still in me, and I am a sexual being and that’s perfectly fine.”

— Julie

“Women who have been through betrayal trauma understand the complexities of the process of healing from this painful discovery. You need connection. You need a tribe to help hold you up. You need a safe place.

That is just what I found from Jenni Rochelle and the Beauty After Betrayal community: my safe place.

The gifts that I have received are beyond my expectations. I received care, deep support, belly laughs, and celebrations of successes every step of the way. I am truly grateful.”

— Jenn

“I was afraid, confused and in recovery from trauma related to spousal sex addiction when I started working with Jenni Rochelle.

Through intuitive listening, shared experiences, honesty and insight, I quickly learned that I am not alone and that there are steps to healing.

Jenni is a gem for those who have been struggling with disloyal partners and trauma. I am now strong and have hope that I will heal and that my future is bright.

— Anonymous

“A fire in my belly has been lit again. It has everything to do with sexuality, womanhood, desire and pleasure.” 

— Julie

“Jenni’s energy, knowledge, compassion, and spirit are infectious; I cannot imagine a better guide to help explore yourself in order to heal and thrive. She has helped me identify my own strength and softness, and to manage the tension of nourishing both. I am more grounded, confident, free, and whole than I’ve ever been.

— Erika S.

“I wanted to move beyond surviving betrayal trauma and into rediscovering myself and living my best life! I knew I had an inner light inside me, but it was dim and I needed help making it bright.

Through my work with Jenni, I uncovered who I am, what my values are, what I believe in, what I want more of (and less of), and I now feel more confident making decisions and listening to my three wise women–head, heart, and gut. I have peace and calmness.

I know there are so many amazing things out there for me–more love, friendship, happiness, and satisfaction..and they are all starting to happen.

— Sandy

“Jenni has this really quirky, spiritual, creative presence, and she’s so empathetic. She can feel what you’re feeling, even in the virtual meetings, which at first I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we have to do this virtually. Is this really going to help me? I need an actual person I need somebody who can give me a hug. But Jenni’s presence is like a virtual hug, seriously!”

— Cindy

“I found out that my husband of twelve years was having an affair and throughout the next months of trauma, indecision and ultimately divorce, Jenni was the one person I could count on.

She was there when I needed someone who understands the trauma a situation like this causes. She was there when I was lonely, sad, mad, terrorized, and questioning.

She made me laugh, helped me understand this (shitty) process and reminded me that I was strong even when I felt like everything was crumbling.

The best part about Jenni? She listens without judgement.

I can say whatever needed to be said and trust that she will be there again the next time I need someone to be present in a conversation. What a gift.”

— Amy M.

“Jenni is present, trustworthy, loving, and empowered. She is one of my most trusted people. I know sex addiction is still a relatively taboo subject…if you are experiencing this in your life, I encourage you to reach out to her for validation and support.”

— Angie K.

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