Jenni Testimonials


“Women who have been through betrayal trauma understand the complexities of the process of healing from this painful discovery. You need connection. You need a tribe to help hold you up. You need a safe place.

That is just what I found from Jenni Rochelle and the Beauty After Betrayal community: my safe place.

The gifts that I have received are beyond my expectations. I received care, deep support, belly laughs, and celebrations of successes every step of the way. I am truly grateful.”

— Jenn

“I was afraid, confused and in recovery from trauma related to spousal sex addiction when I started working with Jenni Rochelle.

Through intuitive listening, shared experiences, honesty and insight, I quickly learned that I am not alone and that there are steps to healing.

Jenni is a gem for those who have been struggling with disloyal partners and trauma. I am now strong and have hope that I will heal and that my future is bright.

— Anonymous

“Jenni’s energy, knowledge, compassion, and spirit are infectious; I cannot imagine a better guide to help explore yourself in order to heal and thrive. She has helped me identify my own strength and softness, and to manage the tension of nourishing both. I am more grounded, confident, free, and whole than I’ve ever been.

— Erika S.

“I wanted to move beyond surviving betrayal trauma and into rediscovering myself and living my best life! I knew I had an inner light inside me, but it was dim and I needed help making it bright.

Through my work with Jenni, I uncovered who I am, what my values are, what I believe in, what I want more of (and less of), and I now feel more confident making decisions and listening to my three wise women–head, heart, and gut. I have peace and calmness.

I know there are so many amazing things out there for me–more love, friendship, happiness, and satisfaction..and they are all starting to happen.

— Sandy

“Jenni has this really quirky, spiritual, creative presence, and she’s so empathetic. She can feel what you’re feeling, even in the virtual meetings, which at first I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we have to do this virtually. Is this really going to help me? I need an actual person I need somebody who can give me a hug. But Jenni’s presence is like a virtual hug, seriously!”

— Cindy

“I found out that my husband of twelve years was having an affair and throughout the next months of trauma, indecision and ultimately divorce, Jenni was the one person I could count on.

She was there when I needed someone who understands the trauma a situation like this causes. She was there when I was lonely, sad, mad, terrorized, and questioning.

She made me laugh, helped me understand this (shitty) process and reminded me that I was strong even when I felt like everything was crumbling.

The best part about Jenni? She listens without judgement.

I can say whatever needed to be said and trust that she will be there again the next time I need someone to be present in a conversation. What a gift.”

— Amy M.

“Jenni is present, trustworthy, loving, and empowered. She is one of my most trusted people. I know sex addiction is still a relatively taboo subject…if you are experiencing this in your life, I encourage you to reach out to her for validation and support.”

— Angie K.

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