It’s official! The second round of Your Big Sexy Comeback is SOLD OUT! I’m so grateful for the 10 amazing women who have said yes to this journey.

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This week’s LoveLetter is actually dedicated to a woman who left a comment on one of my ads for Your Big Sexy Comeback. The message in the ad was that it’s okay for us to want to create love, have sex, and learn to date again when we begin to rebuild our lives after betrayal. Her comment was that we should instead focus on the relationship that we have with ourselves, learn to be independent, not look outside ourselves for approval, and not to be so worried about creating another failed relationship.

And to that woman, I say, “Yes. YES sister.”

I am completely on board with the fact that in order to create a beautiful life, we first have to have an amazing relationship where we are deeply connected with ourselves and our values.

That’s why my company t-shirt says, “I am the love of my life”.

I believe that the key to creating a healthy, beautiful life really lies in our ability to create and maintain healthy, intimate, and mutual relationships. And of course the root of that is our ability to have that relationship with ourselves. So any client who has worked with me knows that we always begin with the relationship we have with ourselves and use that as the foundation for recreating our life after betrayal.

But it’s okay to want more than just a relationship with yourself.

You get to have it all.

I will support you in learning how to have a beautiful relationship with yourself. And I will support you if you want more than that – a romantic relationship, or a healthy relationships with your kids, best friends, or coworkers. All of those relationships are equally important. And yes, they’re deeply rooted in the relationship that you have with yourself.

I want you to have big love and great sex. I don’t think we have to choose between a relationship that we have with ourselves and another romantic relationship. We can have both.

We’re put on this earth to fully express ourselves; to be our amazing, lit up, authentic selves.

We do that by connecting with ourselves and our own deeply rooted desires, and by connecting and healing through the relationships we have with other people.

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I look forward to helping you have it all.