My heart is big and heavy this morning, as it has been every morning that I’ve woken up here in Texas since September 1st, when the Texas “heartbeat law”, along with a number of other troubling laws, took effect.

Regardless of how you feel about abortions, this law is going to have grave consequences for women’s reproductive healthcare in Texas and beyond. Listen, I actually find abortion to be a terrible thing. I had one and it broke my heart. I was 18 years old. It wasn’t a decision that I made lightly, as is the case for most women who find themself in a life circumstance that leads them to that choice.

I can understand where people might be on different sides of this issue. But I am deeply troubled being told I don’t have control over my body. And when people in power betray our trust (and let’s face it – women have a history of being betrayed by men in general), it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

My podcast this week goes into more detail about my personal story. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google.

If you have been sexually betrayed or sexually abused, and this is striking a very, very deep chord in you, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

For those of you who are out there and in pain, I am in pain with you. Every morning I wake up feeling the weight of the world, and try to figure out what I can do, and how I can use whatever small platform I have to talk about how fucking crazy what’s happening here in Texas is.

And you want to know what this is really all about?

Controlling women.
Controlling women’s bodies.

The more we reclaim our sexuality, our autonomy and our empowerment, the scarier we become to the dudes in power who have done everything they can to disconnect us from those very things.

We are powerful.

We are powerful and that scares the fuck out of them.

I urge you to… however you can, wherever you can, in whatever circle of influence you can… be angry and pissed off, and know that you’re not crazy. If you’re feeling traumatized or triggered, you’re not crazy. You’re having an appropriate reaction to a really terrible situation.

To be judged and limited in our freedom of choice to make decisions about our own bodies and futures is outrageous.

It is a betrayal by the people in power here in Texas, who have let us down, who have let future generations down, who have let their own daughters and wives down.

So Beauties… what now?? Well, we fight on. We find our comeback stories, we step into our power, and we claim our beautiful, authentic, sassy, sexy, audacious lives. We create our own happily ever afters. And we say “fuck you” to the establishment, and to the men who have betrayed us.

Go live the life you want. Go create the world you desire for yourself, your sisters, and your children. This fight is not over.