I am a woman who is on a mission to liberate women who are healing from betrayal trauma, whatever that looks like for you. There is so much freedom, beauty, sexy, grace, goodness and liberation that is waiting for you, and I just tasted the sweetness of it all.

I spent this past weekend in Miami on a women’s retreat, and I danced like a wild woman and felt freer and sexier than I may have ever allowed myself to be before.

I grew up in a very conservative home. I was a “good girl” who didn’t dance like that. I was raised to feel shame about my body and my sexuality. Then as a grown woman I met a man who had some very dark secrets and he betrayed me. He broke my heart… broke my body… broke my soul…

And I refuse to let that be my story…or yours.

That is why I’m on a mission to help all women live in their bodies and feel free. Especially the women who are also healing from betrayal trauma (and I know that’s you!).

The reason I was able to dance, and feel free and sexy this weekend, was because I felt safe. Because I was in a community of women that made me feel safe. Because we were all showing up as our authentic selves, and I was able to feel freer because THEY felt freer, and it was such a fucking gift. I cannot even tell you. It was so good.

You need sisterhood.

You may not be ready to come to Miami and dance around like a wild woman, but maybe you are. You get to decide what you’re ready for. But the most important thing I can tell you is that wherever you are in your journey, you need sisters.

You need safe women to see you, and witness you, and love you wherever you are in your journey. You get to be wherever you are, and if you feel like you are miles away from dancing like a wild woman, that’s cool. You don’t have to do that. We don’t have to do that. We get to be wherever we are.

Being around other women has freed me to be myself.

I needed my women in the early days after my betrayal. I needed women who were going through the same experience as me to hold me, and be with me and share my pain. Being in this women’s group literally changed my life. It saved me. This is why I’m so super passionate about women’s groups and sisterhood, and why it’s always been a huge part of my coaching business.

Are you a few weeks or a few months out from discovering the betrayal?

Are you coming out of your skin?

Do you doubt your ability to trust yourself?

Are you not sure what to do next but know that you need community and support that’s facilitated and feels safe so you can feel seen and heard?

These reasons and more are why you need to surround yourself with a village of other beautiful women who are on the same journey as you. They will see you, witness you, tell you you’re not crazy.

It’s like a lightning bolt straight from the heavens, liberating you, setting your heart and your soul free.

Healing Beauty launched this week!

It’s my new group for women who are in the earlier stages.

You’re not ready to date.

Maybe you’re not sure what’s even going on with your relationship.

You don’t know if you’re staying or going yet.

What you do know is that you need sisterhood.

We’ve got you.

Join us.

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