Greetings from the Bahamas! Jeff and I are spending a week in paradise to celebrate our wedding anniversary and me finally finishing my master’s degree!

Even though I am officially on vacay, I made a massive connection for myself this week that I wanted to share with you.

For a few years now, I’ve known the importance of beauty for me. It’s one of my core values. My brain needs beauty to feel good.

But as I’ve been researching and envisioning my upcoming summer programs this week, I have realized they all center on creating a beautiful, sexy life after betrayal.

And I can see that it’s more than just beauty that makes my brain feel good.

It’s really about PLEASURE.

Beautiful things, places, and experiences are a way of allowing ourselves to experience pleasure.

But it can be hard to allow ourselves to experience good things like joy and pleasure when we’re healing from betrayal trauma. Not to mention that society has given us all sorts of rules about pleasure and what’s acceptable for women and what’s not.

Also, sexual betrayal trauma can cause us to LEAVE our bodies and make sex (and all forms of pleasure) feel unsafe.

We have to take our pleasure back.

We have to take our bodies back.

We have to take our unique version of our sexuality back!

Pleasure LITERALLY HEALS us. It sends all kinds of healing hormones throughout our body and good chemicals to our brain!

You are not only worthy of MORE pleasure, but you need it to heal! You are worthy of, and need, MORE pleasure, MORE beauty, MORE healthy sex, and MORE intimacy.

You are worthy of all the magnificence that life has to offer us.


Yes, this is a big fat tease for an upcoming FREE event that I will be hosting in a few weeks, so STAY TUNED!