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I offer both private and group coaching programs for women recovering from betrayal trauma. Where we start depends on where you are in your journey.

Your Big Sexy Comeback

An 8-week course is for the woman who has found herself single again and healing from betrayal trauma. While you still may be grieving and healing, you are also excited at the idea of finally being able to move on. You are ready to explore who you are now after his betrayal and how do you embrace your right to big love, great sex and a beautiful, healthy life.

Your Big Sexy Comeback

Beauty After Betrayal: Six-Month Program of Reclamation and Rediscovery.

This program is my great work. Beauty After Betrayal is my signature, private coaching program for women who are further along in their journey and are ready to focus on the most important relationship of their life…the one they have with themselves.

Not sure where to start? Not to worry. Let’s book a free call and figure it out together.