Work With Me Jenni Rochelle

Work with Me

I offer both private and group mentorships for women ready to create everyday intimacy, rediscover their sexuality and live a pleasure full life.

Your Big Sexy Comeback

A 12-week course that will show you how to embrace your right to big love, great sex and a beautiful, healthy life. This course will show you how to create conscious, intimate connections with yourself, your body and your beloveds.

Your Big Sexy Comeback

Everyday Intimacy Mastermind

The Everyday Intimacy Mastermind is the structure, support and sisterhood you need to rediscover desire, reclaim pleasure and create conscious, intimate relationships.  For the goldilocks who wants more than a course but not ready for private mentorship, the six-month Everyday Intimacy Mastermind will hit you in the just right, sweet spot.

VIP Private Mentorship

VIP Private Mentorship is for the woman who doesn’t like to share.  I get it – I’m the same way with my mentor.  That’s why your VIP Private Mentorship is all for you.  During our Discovery Call, we will collaborate on the perfect container and content necessary for you to create the embodied and beautiful life of your dreams.  VIP Private Mentorships are offered in six-month packages. 

Remember Pleasure?

Private VIP Day

A VIP Day is the most exclusive way to work with me. We will spend an entire day ushering in a new way of being for you that is rooted in your pleasure and that reignites that fire in your belly.  A VIP Day is you and me in an exotic, beautiful place where the whole day is curated to your feeling deeply seen, supported, embodied and beautiful.  A VIP Day will send you home to your everyday life where you will begin to create everyday intimacy with yourself and those you love.  


Not sure where to start? Complete an application and we’ll figure it out together.