“Pleasure is a gateway to accessing your truest fullest personhood.
Pleasure is where you
 find a no-holds-barred connection with yourself and with those you love most.

You are allowed to like pleasure.”

~ Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski 



Every time I read that quote from Emily Nagoksi, I get the chills. My hope is that it underscores for you the importance of pleasure.

A woman’s ability to thrive is constrained by her ability to receive pleasure.

When a woman experiences pleasure, she becomes a radiant being that is irresistible to everyone else.

When women are embodied and operating from true joy, feminine energy and radiance… we become effortlessly magnetic.


The problem for highly successful and smart women (like you), is that pleasure can only be experienced in your body. Your success, however, has required that you be stuck in your head.

Getting out of your head and into your body so that you can embrace pleasure will revolutionize your life.


That is why I am offering a FREE 3-Day Challenge to get you back in touch with embracing pleasure in your life.

Over the course of the 3-day Pleasure Challenge, you will learn how to…

Identify any judgments or resistance you have when it comes to pleasure
Understand the science of how pleasure impacts vitality and health
Take simple steps to incorporate more pleasure into your daily life
Lean on the support of other women for accountability and encouragement


You will also receive a section of The Big Sexy Playbook on Pleasure.

Normally, you only get access to The Playbook as a part of Your Big Sexy Comeback – my signature program for smart women ready for big love, great sex and a pleasure full life. The Pleasure section is my gift to you for making this challenge hot!

Finally, I’m going to be sharing the number one, fool-proof way to reconnect with your body and your pleasure – and you won’t even have to take any clothes off! I’ve successfully used this tool with even the women who insist that they are “dead from the neck down”.


I wholeheartedly believe that it will work for you, too.

Join me for this FREE, 3-day Worthy of More Pleasure Challenge, and learn to embrace the healing power of pleasure!


P.S. Since this is all happening in the private, A Pleasure Full Life Facebook Group, you will still be able to watch them later. Note, however, that everyone who shows up LIVE will have a chance to win a prize. And who doesn’t love prizes?!!



Day 1: Lingerie gift box!

Day 2: Pleasure toy!

Day 3: Full Ride Scholarship to Your Big Sexy Comeback starting February 16!


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