I don’t know if you follow me on social media, but last Friday I shared that I got a major diamond ring upgrade. In the post I shared how I wasn’t sure whether I would post about it or not because…well, because I was afraid of being judged.

Of course, really, I was judging myself for wanting MORE.

As I shared why I was judging myself and hesitant to show off my new sparkling beauty, I realized that the ring was my way of working out whether I truly believe that I am worthy of MORE.

Like you I suspect, when I came out of my last relationship…the one where my ex lied to me and betrayed me so many times…I had adopted this belief – through years of gaslighting – that I was too much…that I wanted too much.

I had learned to minimize my own expectations of what was available for me.

In order to create the life I have today – I had to shift that thinking.

I had to believe that I was WORTHY of my heart and soul desires.

If you’re like me and lived in a long-term relationship with lies, cheating and gaslighting, you were probably taught to settle — taught that your needs are not important. The lies and gaslighting lowered our standards of acceptability, love, tolerance, and support.

Nice is not an upgrade.

Kindness is not an upgrade.

You deserve to feel cherished.

If you’re trying to move on from a toxic relationship, the work is to dig deep into your beliefs about what you are worth. Likely they started way back as a little girl. That’s when we’re taught what we’re worth and what we should expect.

The key to calling in the life, love, work, and relationships your heart desires is to believe you are worth it.

No matter what has happened to you, you still get to be worthy.

You get to want what you want and stop settling for less than you deserve.

Raise your bar about what you expect in a relationship.
Raise your bar about how you want to be treated.

You can expect MORE because you’re worth MORE.

In case you haven’t heard, I’m launching a FREE workshop on July 8th, called Worthy of MORE. This workshop is for the woman – who, like I was – is moving on after betrayal but struggling to believe in her worth…and still settling.

There are good reasons for why this is happening!

You have been living with these shameful labels about why the betrayal happened to you and taught to minimize your expectations of what you’re WORTH.

Join the 50+ women who have already said YES to MORE, and learn how to reclaim your authentic, feminine power and stop settling for less in love and in life.

Shift how you feel about yourself.

Reclaim your authentic feminine power.

Stop settling for less in love.

We are ALL worthy of more!


Worthy of MORE: Reclaim Your Authentic, Feminine Power & Stop Settling for Less in Love

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