First, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate and announce that I have finally completed my Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation. This was a five-year labor of love for me that showed me just how strong I am when I put my mind to something! I know that everything that I learned in the program will allow me to further develop the resources that I am able to offer to you.

And speaking of…

I have so many big ideas that I have been sitting on until I finished my degree, so brace yourself for lots of big announcements this summer!

First, I know that the Betrayal Trauma Guidebook can feel overwhelming in the early stages of healing so I wanted to create a way that I could hold your hand while walking you through its powerful steps.

That’s why I will be updating and expanding the guidebook into an online, self-paced course, complete with videos (and transcripts) of me breaking down the content step by step. That new course will be called:

Trauma, Betrayal & Healing:
Six Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Finding Your Joy After Betrayal

The super cool thing is that I am planning to offer the course LIVE in June, but only once, so stay tuned for that!

Second, I have gotten questions and suggestions from so many of you on healthy sex, sexuality, relationships and dating!

Like me, I know so many of you were not expecting to be single again at this stage of life, and feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting over!

Well, as I have happily bragged many times, I am in the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life, with a man that I met in my late 40s after having gotten divorced for the third time (and being a single mom of three kids!)

How many of you have had fears that just ONE of those factors would keep you from meeting a good man?

Or maybe you’re afraid (or have been told by your girlfriends) that there are no good men. I am living proof that you can still have your happily ever after, even after everything else you’ve been through.

You can do it too!

That’s why I’ll be launching a group program that is so fun, and so sexy, and so full of joy, that I’m not even going to tell you the name yet!! But if you are in the camp of trying to figure out how to move on… you do not want to miss this.

Finally, as I am passionately working to create these new offerings, I am winding down my private coaching program for the summer. I had a goal of ten private clients by June and I am at nine and so there is room for just one more…

If you’ve been on the fence for awhile and thinking maybe someday… this is that day! And to help with any objections that you may be having, I wanted to share a few takeaways that my current clients have had…

When examining how the values she’d inherited from her family of origin could have caused her to tolerate her husband’s infidelity for so long, she realized that she grew up believing her physicality and sexuality were the only things that mattered about her. Making this connection helped her understand and have compassion for herself when trying to make sense of why she stayed so long.

Another client shared that she (like me) had been divorced two times prior to marrying her current husband who is a sex addict. She finally admitted to me and to herself that she never told anyone about the first divorce because she had been carrying around so much self-judgment and shame. She was able to see that this same self-judgment and shame has made it harder for her to leave her current, toxic marriage.

Yet another client got tired of being afraid of running into her husband’s affair partners in the small town where they lived. Together, she and I created a plan for her to take her power back by introducing herself to the affair partner – in a polite, calm and appropriate way – and letting her know that she knew everything, and by saying, “I hope you enjoyed my house.” She no longer fears going out in public!

These are just a few of the amazing stories and transformations that I get to witness, in what has to be the best vocation on the planet.

I LOVE what I do.

Because I am in the business of setting captives free…

Free from the bondage of self…

Free from the limiting beliefs and shame that keep us stuck…

FREE to have the audacity to live a big, bold, beautiful life after betrayal.

So… are you the one??

Are you ready to claim that last spot in my private coaching program?

If so, then find a spot on my calendar and STAKE YOUR CLAIM. I’ve just opened a few more spots for initial consults and I’ll be so excited to stand beside you as you usher in this next era of greatness 🙂