In the early stages of betrayal trauma, we begin by focusing on healing, which means learning to create safety, set boundaries in relationships, and to regulate our nervous system. This is true whether we stay in our relationship or leave it.

This phase can last months or years. Eventually, however, you get to this point where you’ve done the healing and the recovery, and you’re ready to thrive.

This phase is known as reconnection.
Reconnection with your own sweet soul, as well as other people around you.

You could be trying to reconnect with somebody new. Or, if you’re staying in your relationship, you’re learning how to reconnect with the person who betrayed you. This means that you’re still discovering, new ways of being, new ways of showing up for the both of you.

In this new beginning phase, you’re ready to focus on thriving, regrowth, reconnection, spreading your wings, and learning to fly again.

My guess is that this wasn’t the first relationship where you were hurt. Maybe it even goes all the way back to your earliest relationships.

I help women learn to thrive in new relationships (or their current one) and do the necessary repair work to trust others and ourselves again.

When we are thriving, we learn to recognize safe people. We experience what it’s like to be fully alive.

Thriving is raising the bar on how you want to live your life and what you want in your intimate relationships.

I experienced betrayal trauma in my previous marriage. After that I went through a long and difficult healing process, and then I navigated through my own process of learning how to THRIVE.

I am so excited to share this process with you in my new program, Your Big Sexy Comeback. This private group mentorship program is for the woman who has experienced sexual betrayal trauma and is ready (mostly) to move on.

We are capping the group at 10, so far, about half the women enrolled in this course are still in their relationship, but they want a do-over. The other half is made of women who are somewhere on the path of starting over.

Regardless of which half they are in, all of the women know they want to learn how to show up for themselves. The want to explore what love means to them, what intimacy looks like for them, from this new place.

Your Big, Sexy Comeback includes:

  • Eight 90-minute sessions are held Thursdays at 6:00 pm CST via Zoom
  • Weekly emails from me with a motivational video and feminine embodiment practice to keep you feeling in tune
  • Weekly PleasurePacks (workbooks) designed by me to help you find your voice and reconnect with your body, your soul, and your inner wisdom
  • And (my favorite) a Private Facebook group for Your Big Sexy Comeback members only! You’ll get journal prompts, challenges, personal responses to your questions from me, and joy-filled, pleasure-inspiring impromptu events!

We are down to the wire! We’ve got just a couple of spots left!

Your Big, Sexy Comeback starts TOMORROW!