12-Week Group Mentorship for

the Smart Woman Ready For 

Big Love, Great Sex and a Pleasure Full Life.

Your Big Sexy Comeback

12-Weeks of Group Mentorship for the Smart Woman Ready For Big Love, Great Sex and a Pleasure Full Life.

Dear Future Comeback Queen,

What I am  about to say to you may not make sense to you.  Let’s be honest though… you have  spent most of your life trying to do all the things that made sense.  You have  prided yourself on being responsible, rational and accountable.

That is  what high achieving, highly successful women (aka smart girls) are supposed to do, right? 

Listen up  though – doing only  what “makes sense”  has got you where you are today, which on many levels, is pretty freaking awesome.  

Beautiful home. Dream career. Cash to spend. Happy (enough) kids. 

But the sizzle is gone.  The juice is dried up and so are you. All the moisturizer, lube and white wine in the world isn’t  going to fill you up again.

Because the truth is that what’s missing is your desire, and what’s dried up is your PLEASURE. 

Beloved, it’s TIME for Your Big Sexy Comeback.

(Insert record scratching noise here.)

My big sexy what??!  ME? Smart girl? High achieving, highly successful woman, strung out from spinning all those plates all the time, and feeling like butter spread over too much bread?

Asking you to add one more thing to your calendar feels impossible. I know.  Yet, here you are, reading this web page for a reason.

That reason is the deep inner knowing… that voice from somewhere inside of you that is screaming for attention because you need more than the life you are living.   


Welcome to Your Big Sexy Comeback.

Your Big Sexy Comeback is a 12-week, private group mentorship for the high achieving woman who is ready to rediscover pleasure and radically embrace desire.

I’m guessing that you’re not quite sure whether or not I am talking about… you know… S.E.X.  Yes sister, I sure am. 

I am also talking about so much more.

Just think about how delicious it will feel to really get to know your pleasure, your desire and your sweet, sexual self again. 

My guess is that you have you’ve given up on all three for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  1. You’re divorced, a single mom and you’re not sure you can put yourself back out there again.  Pleasure, desire and a hot sex life don’t appear to be anywhere on the horizon.
  1. You’re in a long-term relationship, and you’ve set aside your own needs for so long you’re not sure you remember how to do anything differently.  Pleasure, desire and a hot sex life don’t appear to be anywhere on the horizon.
  1. You’re still limited by negative, shameful beliefs about sex, programmed into you by your upbringing and society. Pleasure, desire and a hot sex life don’t appear to be anywhere on the horizon.

That last reason is why, even though you actually desperately want to talk about sex, you still don’t have a place where you feel safe and comfortable to do so.   

That’s really what Your Big Sexy Comeback is all about.  Every session is anchored in creating a virtual container where you feel safe enough to do this vulnerable work.  

I have a Masters in Spiritual Formation and have been trained in the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) developed by the Associaion of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialist (APSATS). 

I have spent hundreds of hours guiding women who are healing from betrayal trauma to shifting and healing their negative beliefs about sex. Your Big Sexy Comeback was originally created for those women.

However, in doing that work I realized that it wasn’t just women with betrayal trauma who had been cut off from pleasure, desire and sex. I believe that the vast majority of women have one or more these five negative beliefs about sex:

  1. Sex is secret.
  2. Sex is a commodity.
  3. Sex is hurtful.
  4. Sex is uncontrollable.
  5. Sex has no moral bounds.

I’m curious how many of those land with you? These beliefs are WHY you disconnected from your pleasure, your desires and WHY you don’t have a hot sex life.  How could you possibly?

You will be amazed by what you uncover, and, maybe for the first time, you’ll be able to see how your views about pleasure, desire and sex have been impacted by societal, religious and relational expectations. 

Your Big Sexy Comeback is designed to help you identify and shift those beliefs by taking an honest inventory of how they have impacted you.

We will uncover what your beliefs and desires are, and learn to let go of  everyone else’s. 

Finally, we will also be covering how to create real intimacy (not just hot sex!), how to receive love and pleasure, and how to maintain healthy, mutual relationships!

Sound good? Want to talk with me about it?

“A fire in my belly has been lit again.
It has everything to do with sexuality, womanhood, desire and pleasure.
~ Julie

My Big Sexy Why

My Big Sexy Why

If you had told me even just two years ago that I would be teaching women to reconnect with pleasure, desire, and sex – I’d have thought you were crazy with a capital CRAY.

However, I feel so strongly called to do this work because when a woman uncovers her own pathways to desire, pleasure, and sex (in other words her turn-ons), she will revolutionize her life.

When I say turn-on, I don’t mean turning on someone else.  

I mean learning how to turn yourself on.

We have been taught that our bodies, and our turn-ons, are for someone else.

We have been handed all these beliefs about bodies, desire, and most importantly, sex. 

Your turn-on is for you.

When you are turned on for yourself, you become a radiant being who is irresistible to everyone else.

When you are embodied and operating from true joy, feminine energy and radiance, we become effortlessly magnetic.

Accessing your turn-on – your true source of feminine power – lies in you reconnecting with your desires, your pleasure, and yes, SEX.

For women, this cannot happen until we learn to reconnect and respect our own bodies. 

We have been intentionally disconnected from all these things by those in power – the institutions that are run by men.

We have been handed a load of B.S. about women’s sexuality. 

Until we have uncovered the negative beliefs we have about our bodies and about sex – we cannot truly access our power. 

Because we continue to look outside ourselves for desire, pleasure and turn-ons, we are cut off from our own power that is fueled by that fire which lies within our bellies…and below.

Cut off from your pleasure, which is your feminine super power, you are stuck operating from inauthentic, masculine power. And girlfriends, this is why you are so fucking exhausted.

This is why you are so angry.  

This is why you are often irritated, resentful and easily pissed off.  

This is why you are so quick to see yourself as the victim.  

This is why you are stuck in a cycle of unhealthy and toxic relationships in all areas of your life.  

Because how we show up in one relationship, is how we show up in all of them—from the boardroom to the bedroom.

The validation I received in telling my story in group brought so much healing.  It is comforting to know that women  warriors have blazed the path for me and I am not alone! Jenni Rochelle creates a beautiful space that encourages me to grow at my pace and accepts me where I am when I don’t feel ready.  She let’s me have space to figure out when I am making decisions that don’t serve me. If you are thinking about joining and having your own Big Sexy Comeback, don’t wait!  You are so worth it!” 
~ Cindy

The Big Sexy Science

I can’t even begin to tell you how many books and articles I have read, and courses I have taken, on this subject.  Truly, sex has been fascinating to me ever since I was a little girl growing up in Abilene, Texas.  

A little girl who was raised to be ashamed of her own body and sexuality. A little girl who was taught not to trust men or count on them in any way. 

This set me up for a decades-long struggle to become comfortable with having sex, and with receiving pleasure.  

I know that I am not alone in being raised to feel shameful and disconnected from my body.  I know that I am not the only one who was robbed of years of pleasure and healthy sex!!

I know, I know – I said I’d give you science.

When we experience pleasure (i.e. when we are turned on), Queen P (you know who I’m talking about) tells our brains to make endorphins, oxytocin serotonin and dopamine.  

Did you know she also tells our bodies to make estrogen, progesterone and testosterone??

Sister, our bodies are so wise and Queen P is like our second brain.  She is connected to our conscious, our unconscious, our hypothalamus, our neocortex and our autonomic nervous system. 

Sexy Science

There is way more data flowing up from our bodies into our minds than vice versa.  In other words, as long as we only give credence to what “makes sense,” we are ignoring our most important source of information.

By the way, this is why you struggle to get turned on.  This is why you have trouble having orgasms.  Before we can get turned on, we have to be able to turn all of our internal radars off.  Radars like the kids being in the next room, or feeling self-conscious about your body, or the looming deadline at work.

I’m also going to go out on limb here and guess that you – like MANY women – have had one or more life experiences that has left you feeling “unsafe” when it comes to intimacy and sex.

Whether this is a prior history of betrayal, assault or abuse, these experiences may have left you with an overactive safety radar that you just can’t seem to turn off.  Until we feel totally and completely safe, we are unable to fully experience pleasure.

From my experience in working with women around their sexuality, it is these prior experiences that left us with one or more of those five negative beliefs about sex. 

But you can learn to shift these beliefs. I promise.  

That’s why I created Your Big Sexy Comeback.

“For the first time in my life, I feel sexy.”

~ Ellyn H. 

Your Big Sexy Transformation

In Your Big, Sexy Comeback, you will uncover your beliefs and face your fears (that don’t actually belong to you) about pleasure, desire, sex and relationships, so that you can embrace your right to big love, great sex and a healthy, beautiful life.

You will also be given the opportunity to grieve, with the support of your sisters in the program, for what living with those beliefs and fears have cost you.  

You will then learn what it means to fully embody your own body again, which so many of us struggle to do after betrayal.

You will uncover your heart and soul’s unique desires when it comes to love, and sex, and relationships, and everything.

You will learn how to heal your body and mind through receiving pleasure. This one may be harder than you think!

You will learn to trust yourself (and therefore others) by using your voice to set boundaries and ask for what you want.

You will learn how to cultivate intimacy and mutuality in relationships by learning how to listen to your body’s own natural clues, and learning what intimacy actually looks like!

Finally, with your sisters in the program as witnesses, you will take a vow to commit to never settling for less than what your heart and soul desires. Period. 

“I’ve been very grateful for this group for the opportunity to learn how to embrace pleasure again in my life.”

~ Jenn M.

The Big Sexy Details

As I said, when a woman uncovers her own pathways to desire, pleasure and sex (aka her turn-ons), she will revolutionize her life.

Your Big Sexy Comeback is the 12-week group mentorship that will give you the opportunity to do just that.  

Want to know all the details? Let me break it down for you. 

Week One: Creating the Safe Container

  • This week, we begin our journey together with a two-hour, mini virtual retreat.
  • We do this in order to create a safe container in which we can do our own work. 
  • We will take a solemn oath to maintain the safety and sacredness of our sisterhood

Week Two: Uncovering Your Beliefs About Sex

  • This week, we will begin to uncover the negative beliefs we have about sex.
  • We will explore our existing relationship to pleasure, desire and sex. 
  • We will begin to debunk the MANY myths about female sexuality.

Week Three: Grieving What You Lost in the Past

  • This week, we will name what those negative beliefs have cost you
  • We will ask where those negative beliefs first came from
  • This week we will learn to EMBODY our grief so that it moves through us

Week Four: Integration Week

  • We will not meet as a group this week
  • We will take a week off to process what we uncovered in Weeks 1-3
  • There will be journal prompts and homework to share in the Facebook group

Week Five: Remembering Your Embodied, Beautiful Self

  • This week we will take up the revolutionary act of reclaiming our bodies
  • We will learn practices for living more fully embodied through movement 
  • We will begin listening to the subtle ways our bodies speak to us

Week Six: Rediscovering Your Desires

  • This week we will reconnect with our personal desires
  • We will create specific goals with soul, based on how we want to FEEL
  • We will understand the two types of sexual desire and learn which one we have

Week Seven: Healing Through Pleasure

  • This week we will learn what is means to fully receive pleasure
  • We will begin to integrate pleasure into our daily lives
  • We will also dive deep into the science of WHY we need pleasure in our lives

Week Eight: Integration Week

  • We will not meet as a group this week
  • We will take a week off to process what we uncovered in Weeks 5-7
  • There will be journal prompts and homework to share in the Facebook group

Week Nine: Learning to Use Your Voice to Ask for What You Want

  • Advocating on our own behalf is how we learn to trust ourselves again
  • This week we will identify areas in our relationships where we are making concessions. 
  • We will also talk about the art of flirting this week and focus on the healthy kind versus the unhealthy kind. 

Week Ten: Uncovering Your Relational Pattern

  • This week, we will look at how you’ve shown up in our  past and/or current relationships
  • We will identify how we  are giving our power away in relationships
  • We will look at how our  attachment style is impacting our relationships

Week Eleven: Cultivating Intimacy & Mutuality in Relationships

  • This week, we will explore the five different kinds of intimacy 
  • We will learn the importance of intimacy outside the bedroom
  • We will ask ourselves whether we have ever truly experienced it

Week Twelve: Committing to Your Heart & Soul Desires

  • This week we will celebrate how far we’ve come in just 12 weeks!
  • We will hold this space as the opportunity to marry yourself and to make an oath (in front of your sisters) to never settle for less than what your heart and soul desires.

You’ll Receive:

Weekly Live Sessions

  • A 2-hour mini retreat on our first night to create safety and sisterhood
  • Nine, 90-minute sessions held via Zoom
  • Calls will be held from 6:00 – 7:30 PM CST on Wednesdays from February 23 to May 11, 2022 
  • All sessions will be recorded and available in your member portal afterwards
weekly emails

Weekly Emails

  • 12 weeks of weekly emails from me with a motivational video and feminine embodiment challenge for the week


  • 12 weekly Big Sexy Playbooks designed to help you find your voice and reconnect with your body, your soul, and your inner wisdom

Private Membership Portal

  • Lifetime access  to our private membership portal where you’ll have all your recorded sessions and Playbooks in one convenient place, so you can easily refer back to your sessions and resources anytime you want to.

Private Facebook Group

  • Private Facebook group for Your Big Sexy Comeback members only!  In the group, you’ll get journal prompts, challenges, the support of your YBSC sisters, and personal responses from me to your questions, as well as joy-filled, pleasure-inspiring impromptu events!

The Big Sexy Bonuses

Bonus Session: Behind the Scenes With Jenni & Jeff

  • 90-minute session with a guest appearance by my husband Jeff where we share how we keep our marriage healthy and hot
  • March 22, 2022 – 6:00 – 7:00 PM CST
Jenni's Online Dating Checklist
Jenni’s Online Dating Checklist
  • For those already on the dating scene, or at least thinking about it, this guide is based on Jenni’s approach to dating (that for her, resulted in meeting her amazing husband!)

Still have questions?

About Jenni

Jenni Rochelle is the Queen of Intimacy. As a coach and mentor for smart, successful women who desire to create conscious intimate connections, Jenni has helped hundreds of women reconnect  with themselves, their bodies and their beloveds,

As as spiritual director with a Masters in Spiritual Formation, she awakens women to their birthright of sexual freedom and, as a survivor of abuse, Jenni is also a thought leader in the field of betrayal trauma. Her podcast, Beauty After Betrayal, has helped thousands of women heal with hope and rise. 

Inspired by her clients and informed by her own journey, Jenni’s work is focused on mentoring high-achieving, emotionally intelligent women to get out of their heads and into their bodies, in order to shift their relationship to pleasure, sex and intimacy. 

Jenni is a certified life coach trained according to the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) developed by the Association of Partners of Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists (APSATS). Jenni is also a poet, a wife, a boy mom and a mystic who loves butter, coffee, bacon, traveling and pugs. She is happily and healthfully married, and having the hottest sex and longest orgasms of her life – in her 50s.

Once again, Your Big, Sexy Comeback includes:

1) 12 weeks of virtual sessions and private group mentorship to help you take that next step towards reclaiming your authentic, feminine power so you can stop settling for less than big love, great sex and a beautiful life. Sessions will be held from 6:00 -7:30 PM CST on Wednesdays from February 23 to May 11, 2022. (Sessions will be recorded and available in your private membership portal in case you miss a live session).

2) 12 weekly emails from me with a motivational video and feminine embodiment challenge for the week, to keep you feeling inspired.

3) 12 weekly Playbooks designed by me to help you find your voice and reconnect with your body, your soul, and your inner wisdom.

4) A private membership portal that will have all of your recorded calls, Playbooks and bonus sessions so you may access the materials at any time.

5) Private Facebook group for Your Big Sexy Comeback members only!  In the group, you’ll get journal prompts, challenges, the support of your YBSC sisters, personal responses from me to your questions as well as joy-filled, pleasure-inspiring impromptu events!

PLUS These Bonuses:

Bonus 90-minute call behind the scenes with Jenni & Jeff
Jenni’s Online Dating Checklist

Get on the waitlist for the next round starting in Fall 2022!

Program Guarantee

I guarantee that if you show up, in-person every week and do the work (i.e. participate in the classes, complete the at-home practices, etc..) then you will get the results that you desire.  If you do all of these in earnest and with your whole heart, and you are not satisfied within the first 14 days of the program (by March 9, 2022), then I will give you a full refund.

xoxo, Jenni

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been married for 100 years and the flame of our sex life has long since gone out. Is Your Big Sexy Comeback still for me?

100% yes.  This is a common concern that I hear all the time.  Here’s the thing: we first must learn to fan the flames of our  pleasure, your turn-on and desire for ourselves.  We can’t get turned on by someone else – or turn someone else – unless we first turn ourselves on.  Besides,ave you really been showing up as your fully embodied and sexually-expressed self?  My guess is that you haven’t because you are still being limited by one of the five negative beliefs about sex.  For both of these reasons, Your Big Sexy Comeback is for you!

What if I’m still triggered by the thought of having sex again because of trauma? Is this program safe for me?

If I’m being honest, there was a long time in my life when I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever have sex again.  I was determined, however, not to let my trauma keep me from experiencing the joy of physical intimacy. I know you are, too.  Also, based on the heartbreaking statistics of infidelity, sexual abuse and assault, you will not be alone,That’s why we begin YBSC by creating a safe container for this vulnerable work. I have been trained to work with women healing sexual betrayal trauma and safety is always my job #1.

I am trained in the Multi-dimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) created by the Assocation of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Speciliasts (APSATS). I originally created this program for women healing from sexual betrayal trauma.  What I have discovered from research and working with clients is there is significant overlap in the trauma symptoms experienced survivors of sexual betrayal and survivors of sexual abuse.  

I must say, however, that I am not a therapist and if you are experiencing severe anxiety and/or PTSD, then you will need to find a good therapist for your support team.   

How will I ever be able to trust someone again?

What I have found with all the women that I have coached through learning to date again, is that you are not really worried about whether you can trust someone else.  You are really worried about whether you can trust yourself. Am I right? One of the core components of YBSC is to teach you how (and why) you should trust yourself again.  You got this.

I’m divorced and so over the dating scene. Are you trying to tell me there really are good men out there?

Umm. Yes. There are LOADS of good men out there.   Instead of focusing on them, sister, let’s first put our focus on you.  When a woman is turned on for herself and lit up by her pleasure, she is magnetic..she radiates…effortlessly. YBSC will help reignite your own and will shift the kind of man you are attracted to and the kind of man you attract.

Why is this a group program? What if I prefer private coaching?

The more I do this work of leading women who are ready to transform their lives, the more I believe that the most powerful transformation happens in groups.  Don’t get me wrong – private coaching always has its time and its place.  There is nothing more healing for your soul than being seen, celebrated, loved, and accepted by other women on the same journey as you. 

How do I know that you are the right coach for me?

First and foremost, it appears to me that either your heart or your intuition has led you to this place. Also, I know there are a lot of coaches out there who talk about how to find love again and how to have great sex.  I’ve been in those groups and they are awesome – if you don’t have past betrayal or sexual trauma.  I am a Betrayal Trauma Specialist and every woman in Your Big Sexy Comeback is healing from betrayal.  This includes me!

When are the sessions? What if I miss one?

We’ll have eight 90-minute sessions held via Zoom on Wednesdays, 6:00 -7:30 PM CST from February 23rd, 2022 – May 11th, 2022. All our sessions will be recorded and posted in our membership portal if you can’t make one.

Why is it important for me to do Your Big Sexy Comeback now?

This is your one precious life, baby! Aren’t you ready to feel hopeful about love again? Aren’t you ready to feel sexy, alive, and confident again? YESS! That’s why the time for you to make Your Big Sexy Comeback is now!

Still unsure? Hop on a call with me and let’s talk about it!

“Well, when I think about from when I started to where I’m at now, I do feel like a different person. Just so many things come to my mind, like slowing down is my superpower, and this might not be exactly tied to week one, but just overall, and really connecting to my body and paying attention to it, and valuing it, because I do take information in so many other ways than just in my head, and getting out of my head, and I feel much stronger.”
~ Julie M.

“I just feel like it just brought it all home for me that I really shut this part of me down in my life for way too many years. I closed myself off from sex, sexuality, open-heartedness, any of it. And I see now I thought, ‘Well I don’t need it. I can live without it. It’s not that big a deal. I’ve got too many other things in my life,’ but I realize now how important it is to me and that I want to keep exploring it.”
~ Ellyn H.

“There was a shift in me to realize that, first of all I realized how much even in my marriage I really shut down, and I didn’t even realize it. So now I feel like there’s a sizzle back, and I do believe there could be a good man and I could fall in love again, and get to enjoy intimacy, but even if that doesn’t happen, that sizzle is still in me, and I am a sexual being and that’s perfectly fine.”
~ Julie